One year later, battered fan Bryan Stow has support

Financial troubles continue to plague the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The severe beating of long time fan, Bryan Stow, escalated the downward momentum in fan attendance.  But the Dodger s, fans and Stow may have a measure of closure soon.  Bankruptcy lawyers look to new ownership and the end to bankruptcy for the team.

LOS ANGELES – One year after a brutal beating in the Dodger Stadium parking lot left San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow in a coma, the former paramedic who suffered severe brain injuries uses a wheelchair and can respond to questions with a few simple, halting words. He also has short-term memory loss and needs nearly around-the-clock care.

But he has an unlikely new friend: Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt said he had visited Stow five or six times since the opening-day attack March 31. Affeldt hopes someday to see Stow accomplish a feat that once would have seemed impossible but now appears merely improbable.

“He’s been trying to play catch,” Affeldt said as the Giants wrapped up spring training in Arizona. “I asked him, ‘Hey, do you want to throw out the first pitch?’

“You ask him a question, it takes him a long time to process the whole question, and then he’d answer you. So it was a really weird delay. Then he’d say, ‘Yes.’

“I told my wife even if he can’t do it this year, even if I’m not on the Giants, I’d ask my team, ‘Let me have the day off. I’m flying out there.’ It would mean a lot to me. It would be an emotional day.”…Continue Reading

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Blind From Albinism, Photographer Uses Camera for Eyes

Amy’s parents were told the day she was born that she was blind. All they knew was what the doctors told them she could and couldn’t do. Thankfully to a vision treatment as a teen she has some vision. Even with the little vision that Amy has, she is an excellent photographer, wife, and mother. Albinism will never define what she can do.

Amy Hildebrand was born blind. Just hours after delivery, her parents were told that she would never ride a bike, attend regular school or watch movies with friends.

“The doctors told them, ‘She can’t do this, and she can’t do that.’ They had that sensitive conversation then walked out the door,” said Hildebrand, now 27, with a hint of sarcasm. “Here’s your baby.”

Today, the Cincinnati native has defied all those predictions. She is an accomplished visual artist, running a photography business with her husband, whom she met in a college darkroom.

“I was told I was going to have to go to a blind school and read Braille, but I still can’t read Braille,” said the feisty photographer, who said she can do “pretty much anything.”…Continue Reading

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Knoxville Cracking Down on Neglected Property

Problem properties are bringing down the value of nearby homes and businesses.  Several ordinances are before the city council that addresses these neglected properties.  The city encourages owners to seek out options for help if they are unable to care for their property due to health or financial reason.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — Many are noticing run down homes, unkempt lawns and trash in Knoxville neighborhood. But the city could turn the tables for owners of blighted properties.

One of the neglected buildings is old South High School. There are broken windows, the walls are decaying, and the roof is collapsing.

Once a community source of pride, it’s now it’s an eyesore. It’s actually costing people their property value.

A notice was sent to the property owner last month to fix and secure the building, or the city takes over. It’s the answer to the cry for help from neighbors across Knoxville who live near dilapidated lots.

“What about those people that are paying their taxes, mowing their lawns, keeping their houses up, all of them are paying for the cost of dealing with these blighted properties,” said Knoxville Neighborhood Coordinator David Massey…Continue Reading

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Great Hidden Argan Oil Benefits

5 Great Little-known Argan Oil Benefits

Various argan oil benefits are known to most people, and they are recorded almost anywhere which argan oil is revealed. Did you know though you’ll find little-known benefits that almost never get any attention? Argan oil has earned a fantastic reputation for its a lot of versatile uses, but a majority of people might not believe argan oil could benefit them.

If you find yourself in this classification, take a minute to think about these little-known benefits, to see if you might possibly have more to gain while using argan oil, then you might imagine.

1) It’s A Organic Anti-Aging Substance

Now don’t think that you can simply take a number of argan oil, and turnaround for the aging process. That kind regarding claim would be deceptive, and should be treated with skepticism. You need to consider more of argan oil as preventative maintenance on your skin.

Because of the numerous natural minerals within argan oil, long-term use may significantly slow down the gradual damage accumulated for a skin as you age group. This includes damage from your sun, and the a number of chemicals your skin is actually subjected to by modern cosmetics.

2) Argan Gas Helps With Digestion

Would you be surprised to learn that argan oil is actually swallowed to? It has been swallowed with vegetables, as well as salads for hundreds of years, and something of the numerous argan oil positive aspects is helping with digestive system. This means if you have problems eating certain foods, as well as have a particularly vulnerable stomach, then argan essential oil could be a perfect means to fix allow to you enjoy meals you normally prevent.

You should always start slow when using argan oil to investigate new foods obviously, but most people will realize that by using argan oil some way in the meal it will improve their dining knowledge overall.

3) It may help Lower Cholesterol Levels

Along with giving you better digestion, one of the important argan oil benefits is helping increase your circulation, which will help lower your cholesterol level. One of the biggest dangers of prepared food is skyrocketing blood choleseterol levels that can lead to significant health problems later in life.

In case your someone who has a lot of ldl cholesterol in their diet, then the great way to help decrease the danger is to increase argan oil as part of your diet plan. One of the argan oil rewards is that it’s natural, and there are no apparent side effects to using this, something almost no powerful weight loss products can claim.

Some) Argan Oil Can Alleviation Arthritis

As men and women grow older one of the most typical afflictions they experience is arthritic ache in their hands This runs specifically true for people who extensively utilised their hands for careers for years on end. If you find yourself in this category, or someone who could end up there provided enough time.

Then it’s crucial you take advantage of the particular argan oil benefits regarding reducing the pain via arthritis. The easiest way to use argan oil for treating rheumatoid arthritis is to include this in a daily food.

5) Argan Oil Can easily Prevent Stretch Marks

Making life is a big career, and it can have a pretty large impact on a ladies body. One of the most frequent side effects of pregnancy is stretch marks. These can take years to remove, and sometimes they never go away. However, by using argan oil while pregnant, a woman can prevent the emergency of scars completely.

The argan gas will naturally increase the well being of your skin over an extended period of time so that scars will either in no way appear, or fade within a few days soon after birth.

The major argan oil benefits are widely known, but now you know a few rarer ones that could have a drastic influence on your life in ways you won’t ever thought about before.

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